Our Lending Products

Kuber Financial offers a flexible personal installment loan product under the Mobilend brand.


Product Overview

Mobilend is a state by state regulated lender that offers personal installment loans. Loan terms are flexible with affordable interest rates. Please visit www.mobilend.com for more information.

Simple and Flexible

How It Works

Our payment plans are simple and straightforward. We have plans ranging from 12, 36 or 60 months.

Conservative Plan

Take a longer period to pay off your high rate debt with a longer term debt consolidation loan. The goal of this plan is to keep your payment low and to give you an opportunity to start saving today.

60 months to pay off.

Dynamic Plan

If you have $10,000+ in credit card debt, we can quickly convert that into a simple interest debt consolidation loan. You can pay off a revolving credit card balance with our plan.

Starting at 5.99% interest.

Individual Plan

You can enjoy many of our other financial products. Call us and we can work with you to select the right financial product, and place you on a path to become debt free.

Flexible payment terms.

Visit Mobilend.com
Fueling Financial Empowerment

Mobilend Features



We take pride in understanding our customer’s financial situation. Our underwriters and underwriting system does not simply look at credit scores and bank statements. We look through each of your financial obligations and optimize your total savings into one of our debt consolidation loans. Our underwriters are experienced and knowledgeable in finding the most amount of savings for you.


Direct Payment

One of the biggest benefits of our debt consolidation product is that we pay you directly and give you the freedom to pay off creditors that you feel that is most beneficial to you. You have full control over how to reduce your monthly payments with your current creditors. Give us a call. We are happy to help you anytime to pick which creditor to pay off first.


Building Credit

Mobilend offers simple interest personal loans. Every on time payment helps you to improve your credit standing as we report customer loan payments to national credit bureaus on a monthly basis.



Mobilend's mission to help our customers does not stop here. We work with national debt relief education centers to help you stay on top of your finances, and offer education programs to give you the knowledge and power to manage your personal finances in the future. Our mission is to get people out of debt and control their financial freedom.

Making Finance Simple

Find out about a flexible personal installment loan product under the Mobilend brand.