Customer Inquiries

400 Spectrum Center Drive

California, CA 92618

Customer Inquiries

400 Spectrum Center Drive

California, CA 92618

Experts are behind
everything we do.

Whether it's consumer lending technology, call center support or marketing,
the people behind our services make all the difference.


We created a company.
It changed an industry.

We knew that by aligning our technology capabilities with our customers,
without compromise, we could build something truly significant.


Fintech. It's all
coming together.

We are enabling FinTech companies with our technology, lending and
marketing services to reach millions of customers coast to coast.


Loved by customers, trusted by experts.

Kuber runs on the latest lending technology solution from landing pages to loan management tools. Enabling our investors and partners to efficiently provide financial and credit products to millions of consumers.

Kuber has the state of the art online and offline marketing capabilities that span Direct Mail to real-time warm transfer capabilities to our investors, partners and clients. Our analytics-driven approach to lead generation is best in class.

Our consumer lending specialists are trained in the areas of loan originations, credit underwriting and customer service. Our call monitoring and customer communication database is state of the art. All of our call center staff is located within the United States.

What We Do

We provide customer onboarding, customer service and a wide range of marketing services including direct mail, online lead generation and warm-transfer to small and large consumer finance companies. High-end analytics is at the heart of everything we do. We leverage a team of data scientists and risk analytics professionals to help our investors and clients to become more efficient.

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Reliable & Trustworthy

We provide lending-as-a-service to many small to large technology-enabled FinTech and financial services companies. We value our partner’s dedication in providing the best financial products to millions of their customers through our technology and services. Our efficiency, cost structure and discretion are best in the industry.  

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Working everyday for our clients that matter.

Everyone at Kuber Financial strives for customer service excellence. Our clients love our responsiveness, transparency and fair pricing. We are experienced and highly trained lending experts that helps small to large finance companies to reach their goals


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    I work with Kuber Financial with great success. They are easy to work with and I get results. It is that simple.

    Joanne Garneau