Sometimes, we are making the initial contact with a prospect, the customer may or may not know the best fitting product and services for their situation. Often, the prospective customer doesn’t know their creditworthiness with respect to their income level. Therefore, our highly trained sales staff may, in real time, talk to the clients about a variety of offerings to try to find the best product or services for them with respect to their financial situation.

Finding the right product and services for our clients is what we do best. Our call center staff is trained to understand the prospect’s situation and can quickly match the right product and services for that potential client. Our call center staff is also trained by our compliance department so that all offers are with respect to consumer lending laws.

Our well trained, US-based, call center staff are well trained and have decades of consumer lending experience. Our staff can handle sales, product recommendation, customer onboarding and underwriting.

Warm-transfer is the best way to handle customer’s needs. Prior to transferring the client to the right product and services, our staff always talks to the prospects of their needs, their financial situation and conduct credit and income verification as needed. Our friend and well trained staff are standing by to talk to potential customers that might need our help.

Why warm transfer?

When our staff spends time with potential clients, we are the first line of help. We figure our clients needs and find the best product and services available to help this client no matter how much time it takes to get there. Once the client is satisfied with the offer the rest of the onboarding process becomes nature and therefore our clients experiences a much higher conversion rate for their product and services.

Our well-trained staff is best at handling the first point of contact. Our call center staff is given annual updated compliance training relating to all consumer lending, finance laws in the United States. Every call is monitors to ensure the utmost adherence to our internal training and the law. We have compliance managers on site to conduct audits as necessary and our call center managers deliver ad-hoc training as needed to constantly improve our customer experience.

Our staff are experienced with multiple consumer lending products and services. Depending on the individual’s needs and their credit and income level, our staff can quickly identify the right product and services for our client and therefore increase the conversion rate for our investors and partners.

The benefits of warm transfer calls

High Conversion

When you have a team of experts spend time with potential clients to understand their needs and financial situation, we can quickly determine their eligibility for certain products or services. This allows our investors and clients to talk to the right prospect without spending precious time going through clients that might not otherwise be qualified into their products and services.


Our staff, as the first line of help, are well-trained consumer lending experts that follow our internal training and regulatory compliance issues. Having our staff to make the first contact reduces your compliance risk and allows our investors and our clients to focus on customer onboarding.


With our staff being the first line of help and guide our customers to find the right product or services, it will reduce the time needed from our clients or partners business to go through hundreds of applications and try to find those that qualifies for their products and services. We’ve built technology that allows us to quickly understand a consumer’s needs and bring them to our partner’s attention when we have a good match.