Timing is everything when it comes to capturing your prospects attention. Some of your prospects may or may not have time to call in during the day time. Whether they are busy at work or having to take of their families, a well designed and personalized landing page is the most convenient way for your prospects to fill out information and waiting for a callback.

Landing pages should be personal with a personalized URL and the system should recognize the consumer as soon as they enter their personalized promo code.

One of the benefits of a landing page is that you now have the ability to collect additional information from your prospects such as phone number, email and most important time of the day which they would like to be contacted to maximize connectivity.

We drive traffic from direct marketing and direct mail campaigns to these landing pages with great success.

Our lending technology includes landing page and CRM integration. Applications are sent via an API or email. This allows us to get the right information to the right places within a short amount of time. Our landing page technology enables our investors and clients to have the fastest response time to a prospect lead.

Lead Generation with Personalized Landing Page

We combine promotional code or registration code on the direct mail pieces with our personalized landing page (PURL) technology. When the customer either goto their personalized URL or use the promotional code, our technology instantly recognizes the client and is able to provide a tailored experienced for the prospect.

CRM Integration is a critical part of the lead generation process. When a customer fills out a short or long form, that information must be passed to the underwriters or customer service representative for an immediate callback. Our technology enables instant delivery of application information to our investor and clients CRM.

When potential customer response to a call to action, they either call, visit your website or google search your entity. The best way to capture their attention and deliver additional information is through a personalized website. Prospects can provide additional information such as phone number and email for you to contact them directly.

Key performance indicators on Lead Generation

Volume & Conversion

Depending on the availability of agents and the product offering, volume throughput is planned carefully to minimize drop-offs and maximize conversion.

Quality vs. Quantity

When a prospective client is calling in or providing necessary information onto a landing page. The lead quality, convertibility and loan performance is markedly better than leads purchased through ping trees or other affiliate websites. Sometimes pre-screened and invitation driven responders might seem to be harder to manage, but we are here to help and customize your own marketing channel.

New vs. Returning Customers

New customer acquisition is important but once your portfolio has grown to a certain level, returning customer marketing become even more important. For subprime, short term loans, having a 40%+ returning customer population is a hallmark of a healthy portfolio. We can help you generate leads from your existing portfolio using direct marketing. Your returning customers perform on average twice as well as your new customer population.