Customer acquisition cost is the highest operational cost when you are operating a consumer or small business facing lending portfolio. How do you optimize the most important line item on your P&L? How do you drive your acquisition cost and increase retention? What’s my underwriting and conversion strategy?

Our marketing strategy is unique in the industry that prospect selection is conducted by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms developed since inception and based on decades of performance marketing experiences.

Our Data Scientists, Statistical Modelers all have decades of lending experience lead by senior statisticians that have developed some of the most robust algorithms running online lending companies today.

What is unique about our prospect selection process is that every decision we make for our investors and clients is based on analytics. Our models and selection algorithms are retrained every 60 days to encapsulate the latest learnings from prior marketing campaigns. We believe in having our models constant learn from its environment to better understand the changing prospect universe.

Finding the right customer

Selecting your data sources is probably the most important aspect of your prospect selection. The go-to sources for most of our clients are the three major credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Equifax and Experience. These credit bureaus have a vast amount of consumer financial data that allows our investors and clients to select amongst millions of prospect with respect to their product and offerings.

We work with clients to understand their product and risk tolerance. We then help our clients or investors to select the appropriate data source and credit bureaus to work with. We then implement the prospecting program with the credit bureaus and run complex business rules and algorithms to select the targets audiences. This process takes 30-60 days. We can help you along this entire process. Give us a call or email us.

We work with the top national print and mail delivery organization that have serviced the largest banks, credit card issuers and lenders. We will help with your logistics and mail handling as part of our end to end turnkey service. In-home dates are very important for certain credit and lending products. Call us and we can help.

Key measurements of a successful direct mail campaign

Response Rate

Although the ultimate measure of a successful campaign is the cost per acquisition and the performance of that new customer down the line, be it default rate or re-application rate. However, an early read of the performance of a campaign is often based on response rate. Depending on the product, credit band and quantity of mailers, the response rate varies. Call us to find out.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is one of the most important attributes and one of the most critical junctures of the direct mail acquisition channel. During this stage of customer onboarding, underwriting algorithms, customer verification and sales pitch are put to the test. Higher conversion could lead to high default or drop off rate, and low conversion could lead to higher cost per acquisition. But there is a fine balance and we are here to help to provide that balance with underwriting and onboarding strategies that work with your upfront selection strategy.


You could have a high response and low conversion rate, or low response but high conversation. The cost per acquire might work out mathematically. However, the choices our investors and partners make on upfront selection (Response Rate) and underwriting (Conversion Rate) could have meaningful consequences with their portfolio performance. Whom we attract and ultimately onboard as a client lies within the math and sciences in the selection algorithms and underwriting models. Only then, will the pricing model work in the most effective way. Risk/Response/Pricing combination and how it works together is the ultimate goal.