For most of our aspiring startup founders, one of the biggest mystery about FinTech, is the Tech portion of FinTech. “How do I get started?”, “What type of person do I need to hire?”, and most importantly “How much does it cost to build it? and would it work?”

We’ve spent the past few years perfecting a lending platform built from ground up. Leveraging our decades of experience in lending and banking, we build a system that solves all of the pain points of lenders with analytics and automation in mind.

Most of the lending software out there lacks several items that are critical to today’s ever changing environment. Consumers demand a clean, easy to use and an automated system where they can receive a decision in seconds and not in days.

We help our clients to improve their success of their product by using lending technology that works for them and their clients. Our vertically integrated solutions in Student Lending, Patient Financing, Home Improvement lending allows new and existing players to quickly launch their products with ease.

Key aspects of our strategy

Our out of the box solution allows partners and investors interested in personal lending to quickly launch with minimal modification. Our white labeled end to end lending system has everything lenders would need to get started.

New batches of FinTech players are launching various specialty financing products in patient financing, home improvement and private student loans. We spent the time to build out all of the nuances, interfaces within these vertically integrated solutions.

Why bother with mountain of paperwork and filing when you can spend the time work on your next customer acquisition campaign? Let us handle the back office and post originations document perfection.

Use a little or use a lot

Consumer UI/UX

Let’s face it, customer interaction is the most important part of that “first impression” process. With an easy to use web application and an automated decision engine. Our design increases conversion rate.

Faster Approval

Our decision engine is integrated with credit, debit and banking bureaus that can render decisions in fraction of a second. We can implement and execute rules, regression models and machine learning algorithms.

Higher Conversion

We have automated data points, document uploads and digital signature. Customers have complete the entire application experience without ever having to leave the web or mobile application. Having a seamless experience allows for high conversion and stickiness.