Kuber Financial, LLC set out to solve back office issues for financial services and FinTech companies by creating an industry first Lending as a Service offering. Lending as a Service means that we can launch new products, line of business for new and existing FinTech players by providing the technology, analytics, portfolio management functions and get our investors and clients up and running in a short amount of time.

Clients leveraging our Lending as a Service offerings can reduce cost of launch by a factor and allow them to quickly test out ideas that would otherwise cost years and millions of dollars to launch.

Our experience lending technologists, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts plus fully trained portfolio management staff has helped many newly established FinTech players or existing lender to quickly go to market without a huge capital outlay and try out their ideas in month and not years.

It’s a breath of fresh air when you are working with banking and lending experts to launch your product. We often find ourselves deeply involved in helping our clients to refine their offering, customer experience based on our decades of lending background.

Key benefits of our offerings

Our state of the art out-of-the-box Lending Operating System is built from our deep knowledge in banking, financial services and FinTech. We can build your website, mobile app and leveraging our real time lending platform that provide consumers an easy to use application serviced by a powering underwriting engine. Our payment gateway is designed to interface a variety of payment methods and payment processors.

We have out of the box and tested marketing and underwriting models build over several generations ready to launch your product. We work with all consumer and small business credit bureau reporting agencies and banking transactional bureau to constantly enhancing underwriting accuracy. We have the ability to produce custom underwriting models for specific investors and clients, delivered through our lending platform.

Our call center staff is high trained in sales, customer service, underwriting and portfolio management. In addition to excellent customer services, we also provide risk management services where we provide portfolio reporting, key performance indicator measurement of the loan portfolio. We measure our success base on the portfolio performance.

Why choose Lending as a Service

Build vs. Buy

Most of our clients struggled with this aged old question, build vs. buy. When our clients look at the cost, timing, domain knowledge and critical timing to market, the decision is always clear. Leverage platforms and the experts out there and get their idea launched quickly.

Success vs. Risk

Our clients often weight the probability of success with their investment in an out-of-the-box solution. With venture backed FinTech startups, working with white labeled lending back office reduce their risk and reduce the risk of their investors. Working with Kuber Financial, LLC allows them to deploy equity else where to growth their business rather than spending it to build something from scratch.

Hiring vs. Domain Experts

The team here at Kuber Financial, LLC is a group of lending and banking experts that spent decades at large, small and FinTech startups. We leverage our deep domain expertise to help our client not only to launch their products but also help them along the way to make their product even better.