Kuber Financial, LLC is a leader in utilizing the latest lending technology, data analytics, credit risk management and portfolio servicing to optimize investor portfolios. Our lending technology, data-driven credit risk management enables our clients with maximum returns. We are the only Lending as a Service organization with a singular mission of offering a full suite of services to the larger FinTech industry.

Our goal is to dramatically reduce lending-related cost by utilizing data science in marketing, underwriting and portfolio management leveraging internal lending platforms.

Our integrated solution not only allow FinTech companies to quickly launch their product and services, but it also lowers their capital outlay by reducing technology cost, staffing cost and marketing cost.

We believe in integrated Lending as a Service vision enables our investors and partners to focus what they are passionate about, their clients. Leveraging our technology, analytics and servicing, our partners are now free to focus on marketing, branding, customer acquisitions and expansion.

Lending as a Service.

We offer an end to end service to enable banks, financial service companies and FinTech startups to focus on their story. Our lending operating system, high trained consumer lending experts enables our partners to focus on what’s important. Driven by data science and using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, we are enabling back-office functions for many of today’s leading FinTech companies. Based in Southern California, we have been helping FinTech companies grow since 2016.

We created the concept of Lending as a Service to provide full back office support for banks, financial services, credit unions and FinTech startups to quickly launch their product and services and allowing them to focus on what’s important. Since 2016, we’ve been perfecting our lending system, marketing and underwriting analytics in addition to our highly trained staff. Headquartered in Southern California, we are ready to help. Contact us and see how we can help.

Our entire platform is driven by data and decisions produced by high-end machine learning algorithm. Be it online or offline marketing, pricing and underwriting algorithm, we have a team of Data Scientists standing by to creating powerful and custom lending algorithms driving most critical decisions. Contact us and see how we can help

Our portfolio servicing team is highly trained and respected in the industry. Every call is recorded, logged and monitored by our compliance managers. Our compliance policies and systems are embedded in our technology and analytics. Give us a call and see how we can help.